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Safety protocol being revised at Eastlink Centre

An alleged flashing incident at the Eastlink Centre Pool in November has safety protocol in the building being revised. Assistant Manager Carol Longmore says she looked at other aquatics facilities across the province and what they do with incidents like this.

“What I got back from that was that those incidents are criminal offence. The police need to be immediately involved. So we are changing our procedure to be an emergency procedure rather than a safe work practice in these instances.”

Longmore says they will also be reworking what the entrance of the facility looks like to better catch people’s faces on camera. They are going to have people funneled into the building.

“If you think of it almost as a wall so that there is a very small entrance so [patrons] will have no choice but to come around the pillar that is currently there.”

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The lifeguards currently walk around the pool to check on swimmers but Longmore says to see if there is a more efficient way they could be doing it, they will have an audit done.

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