UPDATE #3: The water main is still causing problems in Ridgevalley. The school will stay closed Wednesday but is expected to reopen Thursday.

UPDATE #2: Water is back on in the hamlet of Ridgevalley. Residents are asked to run their taps until the water is clear. An outage is still scheduled for Saturday to replace a section of the line. Ridgevalley School will reopen to students Wednesday.

UPDATE: The entire hamlet of Ridgevalley is still without water Tuesday afternoon. The main water line that feeds the community has broken, and the plan is to replace a section on Saturday. Ridgevalley School is closed today, but no word yet on whether it will reopen tomorrow.

A water main break has been reported in Ridgevalley. The MD of Greenview says the hamlet’s water is now off for repairs.

Peace Wapiti School Division has cancelled school for the day for students at Ridgevalley school.