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Important for pets to be prepped for winter

Although it isn’t as cold as it was for the last few weeks, it is important prepare to keep pets safe in the winter. Enforcement Services Manager Chris Manuel says people may have concerns about animals being outside in freezing temperatures.

“If there is an ongoing concern like your neighbour has let their animal out like their dog or cat and they’ve been out there for a few hours. Contact Enforcement Services and we will attend.”

He says the first step is to provide the pet owner with tips and education on keeping their furry friend safe. Pets are protected under municipal bylaws as well as the Animal Protection Act. Manuel says both basically explain that every animal has the right to shelter, food, and water.

He adds that if someone puts an animal in danger on purpose, there are fines that can come from it. These can range up to $20,000 and include a lifetime ban on owning animals.

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