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New sander truck hits the roads in Grande Prairie

A new piece of equipment in the city will be able to clear a road in one fell swoop. Transportation Services Manager Robert Carroll says the new sander and plow truck is set up with a plow on the front and a wing out the side that can clear the snow into the ditch quickly. He says this is helpful with the newly annexed areas and highway type roads the crews are having to clear. It will also have a new way of tackling icy roads.

“It is equipped to pre-wet. There is liquid tanks on the side that hold a brine liquid, to simplify, it’s a salt-water solution. The purpose is to wet the sand product as it comes out. The theory is that the wet sand will adhere easier to the icy surface.”

Residents should see this new truck out on the roads starting this week.

The city has also added another unit to clear trails. Carroll says it is important for people to have clear trails and having two snow clearing units will help with this being done faster.

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