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AHS orders 1.6 million flu vaccine doses for the province

Although flu season isn’t quite here yet, vaccinations will be available soon. Alberta’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health Doctor Martin Lavoie says Alberta Health Services has ordered 1.6 million doses of influenza vaccinations which should be enough for 35 per cent of the Alberta population.

“Last year we had 27 per cent of Albertans that got immunized and the year before it was 30 per cent. Every year our hope is to have more and more Albertans immunized and see those rates goes up year to year.”

Lavoie says getting your shot will reduce your risk of getting the flu by 50 to 70 per cent and will help fight against both strains A and B.

“It is not perfect but it is actually pretty good. You reduce your risk of influenza or getting sick and complications.”

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Over 99,000 people in the North Zone were vaccinated last year which is included in the over 1.1 million across the province.

The influenza immunization will be available at most local clinics starting Monday October 24th. It is free for any resident over the age of 6 months of age or older.

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