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Providing public information a recommendation from enforcement service review

An internal review into enforcement services at the city of Grande Prairie is giving recommendations on how it can be improved. Organizational Development Specialist Patricia Curtiss brought forward that bylaws could be presented to the public in more creative ways. Enforcement Services Manager Chris Manuel says they are looking to improve on information.

“We have a fair bit of information as to what rules and regulations may exist in the community. She felt that sometimes they could be more readily available, in the form of [Frequently Asked Questions]. She also identified indicating the why.”

He explains this could include explanations on why bylaws have been put in place or what they are rooted from.

Tow truck fees were included in the review and Manuel says they are currently working to streamline the way they work with tow companies.

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“What we are looking to do is enter into a contract with a single provider. The single provider would send us a schedule of rates which would be consistent between every tow.”

Right now, if they need to have a vehicle towed from city property or to allow for city work, they rotate between companies that have various fees. Manuel adds that the municipality has no influence on the cost of the tow truck services they use right now.

The review also recommends providing a way that the public can voice their concerns.

“There is a typical employee conduct concern outline and process for that. It is a little bit more than that too. People will sometimes have complaints about things that are outside of our jurisdiction or even the municipality’s jurisdiction.”

The enforcement manager adds that it is nice to have a perspective from someone who isn’t from an enforcement background. The city will work with the recommendations from the report and undergo another in a few years.

There has been 14 internal reviews done on various departments within the city.

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