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Larger fire truck proposed for the city

The City of Grande Prairie and Grande Prairie Fire Department is looking at purchasing a new fire truck. Fire Chief Dan Lemieux says they are looking at a type three fire engine.

“We are looking at a bigger truck as opposed to a small pick-up. It will be a small fire engine. A light 4 wheel drive all terrain fire engine. It will be to help with the newly annexed areas.”

The $425,000 engine is able to carry 500 gallons of water and it will have space for ladder storage.

“The rural roads and amount of snow we get in the rural areas, this would help us access those areas. If there is a brush fire, most likely there isn’t a road that will get us there, you would have to drive through a farmer’s field. Sometimes there is vehicle fires that are off the road also.”

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Lemieux says they would like to see it servicing the area by spring 2017.

They were looking at the type six but with more capabilities, Lemieux says the larger engine makes more sense for the new parts of the city. The annexed area covers over 6,000 hectares of land.

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