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Pokémon Go app getting residents to experience the region

There are more people heading outside to experience Grande Prairie and area because of a new cell phone app. Pokemon Go has created an influx of people visiting Muskoseepi park, the Grande Prairie Museum and other landmarks around the city. Players are drawn to the locations because it allows them to collect items like pokéballs that help them in the game. Pokemon Go Trainer Alex Germain explains that he has been all over the region.

“Mainly I have been in Muskoseepi and I have done the Centre 2000. Last week, I went through the museum. They have a few pokéstops in there. I also went to High Prairie where they have 3 pokéstops and a gym as well.”

He adds that he met people in High Prairie that made the drive all the way to Slave Lake to try and catch new types of pokemon.

Pokémon Go Trainer Gage Backy explains that his tactic is to stick within city limits and he has been downtown, Pinancle, O’Brien and Mission Heights. He explains that any interaction with other players has been nothing but positive.

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“There is a [Poké] gym in the multiplex and there were three guys battling it. My friends owned it and I was making sure I could win the gym back if they took it from them. We had a great conversation and we had lunch together.”

Site Supervisor for the Front Desk at Centre 2000 Crystal Martens explains that they have seen an increase of visits at their building as well.

“We have noticed that some residents that don’t truly know what is in the building here. Now, we are getting some people in that haven’t seen the museum down stairs, haven’t seen the viewpoint and some didn’t really know what the information centre is all about too.”

She says they hope to incorporate the game into getting even more people to visit their location and other landmarks around the region.

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