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New vendor market to open soon

A new vendor market will be opening on 102nd Avenue. Creator of the concept Cindy Rau says that the building will hold 25 to 30 tables per day. Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5pm was used as an example of hours she may run the building on. She says she felt as though there was a void in the market that needed to be filled.

“The lack of vendors being able to get in other than at the big trade shows. It is not affordable for the vendors. I just thought this would be a good opportunity for people to sell their wares.”

She says she wants to compliment the Farmer’s Market and their homemade or handmade products with other types of vendors.

“The way the Alberta Farmer’s Market works is it is 80% handmade-homemade. I want to switch that around so it is 80% direct sales and 20% homemade. Between the two buildings it covers 100% over everything.”

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The development permit being cleared means that she will work closely with the owner of the building to get the business up and running. Building Owner Amanda Hentges says they just received a community grant for $24,000 for the project.

“We have already done the complete interior. It has been completely upgraded with paint, carpet, tile and presents really well on the inside. We were just waiting for spring. We were really thankful to get the community grant earlier this week. We are hoping to have it open very soon.”

Construction on the façade will begin in June.

The City is looking into crosswalk lines that would connect the Farmer’s Market and the new facility.

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