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Technical Search and Rescue called out to help kayakers near Beaverlodge

Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue are reminding people who are heading out into the wilderness to be prepared, after they were called out to the Beaverlodge River Saturday. Vice President Doug Christian explains that there were about 5 kayakers that didn’t know where they were out in the water. With EMS waiting on the river bank, the group responded around 10pm.

“Unfortunately they were not familiar with the water ways and didn’t know where on the water they were. They had fallen into the water a few times, as kayakers generally do, but they were less than prepared to be out there”

He says anyone heading outdoors should have a plan and contact someone before you head out.

“Our recommendation when anyone goes out into the wilderness to enjoy the beautifully scenery we have in the Peace Region is that they plan they’re trip. They need to file that trip with a responsible adult, letting someone know when they’re going, where they are going, and when they’re planning on coming back.”

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He adds that carrying a form of communication like a cellphone is a good idea. He adds that there are places in the area that don’t have cell service so satellite phone or communicator is also handy to have.

Christian says they love helping out in the community and giving back to people of the community but he wants everyone to be safe when heading outdoors.

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