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Dealer’s Invoice Pricing

wapiti-auto-sales-logoEver wonder what exactly a Dealer’s Invoice price is? Invoice price (sometimes referred to as “dealer cost”) is the price that appears on the invoice that the manufacturer sends to the dealer when the dealer receives a car from the factory. Please note, however, that this price is almost always higher than the amount the dealer actually ends up paying to the manufacturer.

The Dealer’s Invoicing is not the true price. Dealers always get a cash kickback from the manufacturer this is the difference between the dealer factory invoice and the factory invoice itself.

How can you ensure you are getting the best price possible?

Look into all rebates and incentives, if you have a trade-in don’t let the dealer know that you have it until you have negotiated the best deal for you then throw the trade at the dealer and watch them squirm…

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Remember, whether you are looking online or in-store, the dealer has the right to sell the vehicle at whatever price they would like to, this is why it is important to negotiate on price.

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