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Joint project to help full Clairmont Sewage Lagoons

Clairmont Sewage Lagoons are full and if not dealt with, it could have environmental impacts but the city is looking to lend a hand. They are looking into letting sewage from Clairmont Lagoons into the 116th street Wastewater Trunk Main as a holding reservoir.

Mayor Bill given argues that although it may seem like it would not benefit the city, it is the responsible thing to do. He explains that if they used any other tactic it would lead to increased utility rates for not only the County but also the city. City administration will be working with Aquatera to figure out how to align both sewage storage systems.

The project will have the 116th avenue Street Wasterwater Trunk Line through O’Brien Lake area then go to the Clairmont Sewage Lagoons which is north of the city. This portion of the project would be slated for completion in August. The second portion of the project will have a gravity trunk main from Westgate area to around 116 avenue. It will also have the forcemain from the Clairmont Lagoons to the 116th street and 116th avenue intersection.

The project will be supported partially by the $6 million that Aquatera received from the Building Canada Small Communities grant.

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