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Cougar killed after morning sighting in Grande Prairie

Fish and Wildlife had to put down a cougar in Grande Prairie today.

It was spotted on 116th Street this morning, and its tracks went into an industrial property with several closely parked vehicles. Officers couldn’t see any tracks leading out of the perimeter, so with the help of a houndsman they found the cat under a trailer and euthanized it.

Spokesperson Brendan Cox says it’s unfortunate they had to go that route, but there was too much of a risk with a the residential neighbourhoods of Westpointe and Pinnacle across the street. The cougar was only 12 or 13 months old and weight 65 pounds, and it’s likely using a tranquillizer would have only agitated it and caused it to run away.

Adrenaline often diminishes the effect of any tranquillizing drugs. Cox adds the animal was likely getting desperate trying to find its territory and food when it headed towards town.

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