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City capital projects may cost more than anticipated

The twinning of 68 Avenue and the construction of a new eastbound bridge over the Bear Creek may cost the city quite a bit more in 2016 than they originally thought. In the 2015-2018 Capital Plan, the city allocated $4 million for the bridge and $2 million for the twinning in 2016.

Capital Planning and Construction Manager Matt Hinton says the estimates for the cost of the bridge have come in quite a bit higher than anticipated.

“It’s hard with a bridge. We haven’t built a lot of bridges. In the past we have rehabilitated a couple but building a brand new to the city. We have built a couple in the past but nothing recent like Edmonton or Calgary where they are building bridges quite a bit, so it was hard to estimate but we tried to do the best we could.”

As for the twinning of 68 Avenue, Hinton says there are two options for the future of the project, only one of which will require the additional funding.

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“Option one would be to keep the same budget but reduce the scope of work from 108 Street to 100 Street, or to complete the whole project as presented to council in the previous budget cycle, basically from 108 Street all the way to Poplar Drive, we would have to ask for more money.”

The city will be doing a 2016 mini budget review this fall when they consider adding $4.9 million to the bridge project and 3.7 million to the twinning of 68 Ave.

Also up for council’s consideration: an extra $161,000 for 139 Avenue intersection improvements, $690,000 for road rehab in front of the Pete Eager Fire Station, $100,000 each year for the next three years for the Street Light Replacement Program, and $350,000 each year for the next three years for the street light electrical cost.

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