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Crystal Centre getting $3.94 million upgrades

City Council has approved spending $3.94 million to upgrade the trusses at the Crystal Centre.

The arena has been losing major concerts and events to its competitors as the structure can’t hold weight over 40-thousand pounds.

Although the project came in greatly over the projected $3 million budget, Councillor Dwight Logan argues it’s worth it in the long run.

“The marketplace has a tremendous amount of competition up here. If you can’t satisfy the groups that want to be here, the entertainment wants to be here, then they’re going to go somewhere else.”

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Unused capital funds and the Leisure Centre budget reduction will be used to cover the difference.

The decision was not unanimous, however, as two city councillors voted against it, including Rory Tarant.

He felt only the tress structure upgrades should be paid for, and not rigging that would make the venue more attractive, but wasn’t deemed necessary.

The work has been awarded to T-West Construction, who will have f52 days starting May 28th to get everything done.

The Crystal Gardens will remain open in the meantime.

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