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MP Warkentin says current government not worth cost of “dumpster fire” in Ottawa

The Member of Parliament representing the Grande Prairie-Mackenzie riding is sharing his thoughts regarding the current state of the federal government. The statement from Chris Warkentin comes in the wake of former Speaker of the House Anthony Rota recognizing a Ukrainian War Veteran who fought for the Nazis during Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit.

The local MP says he thinks the Liberal government is off base and out of touch regarding Canadians’ needs.

“Years of deficit-funded overspending caused inflation to skyrocket, which increased 43% over the last two months, up to 4 per cent. The government’s disastrous financial mismanagement left the Bank of Canada no choice but to raise interest rates ten times in less than two years.”

After increasing the interest rate to five percent in July of this year, the Bank of Canada announced at the beginning of September the interest rate would remain stagnant for now. According to Warkentin, the increases Canadians have seen as of late are significantly impacting Canadian homes, with mortgage rates doubling and Canadians fearing “losing their homes.”

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“Daily essentials are no better, as the Liberals punish everyday people with their cruel carbon tax that they intend to increase even more. The carbon tax increases costs for every producer, manufacturer and shipper in this country, turning groceries and a tank of gas into unaffordable purchases.”

Warkentin adds crime in the country has seen an increase, and homelessness is on the rise; in Grande Prairie, the city’s 2022 point-in-time count reported 328 people were experiencing homelessness, up from the point-in-time count in 2018 when the count was 228.

“As the dumpster fire burns in Ottawa, Trudeau hasn’t been showing up for work. This government and its leader are truly not worth the cost.”

The Grande Prairie—Mackenzie MP says his party is working to continue holding the government accountable while working for “common-sense” solutions to issues.

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