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New tree planted at Whispering Ridge Community School to celebrate Arbor Day

Grade one students at the Whispering Ridge Community School got to experience tree planting on Thursday to help celebrate Arbor Day. Member of the Arbor Day Society Cecilia Littleton commented on the importance of educating kids about trees and the work Arbor Day society does.

“We need a lot more trees to actually take care of all the problems we have right now, in the meantime, it’s good to plant a tree and look forward to its growing into a mature one through good care.’ says Littleton

Littleton adds that Arbor Day is an important day to promote the importance the trees in the world, besides providing a home for wildlife, they are also essential for humans as they clean the air and provide oxygen.

District Fire Chief Bryan Hall says as much as the struggle with fire goes these days, educating kids about the importance of trees in everyday life is very important.

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“I think it is good to understand that outside of structure areas, fire is a natural thing to happen in the landscape. And I think from our perspective is making sure our structures are protected and making sure putting trees in the right place.” says Hall

Hall says that it is also important to know what type of tree one is planting and chose the place wisely and is adding to the environment and ensuring sustainability.

The Arbor Day Society has been rotating through the existing schools in the city of Grande Prairie and plant a tree at one school each year. Littleton says right now they are starting to do the same at the County of Grande Prairie.

According to Chantale Doucette-Chalifoux from Arbor Day Society, the new tree at Whispering Ridge School is just one example of the ongoing efforts of the Arbor Day Society.

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