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RCMP warns about potential GHB in Grande Prairie region

Grande Prairie RCMP is warning residents about an influx of GHB related investigations in the municipality.

According to RCMP GHB can be sold in both a white powder or liquid form, which is often placed in alcoholic drinks. The drug affects the central nervous system, acting as a depressant, and can cause the person taking the drug to appear as if they are overdosing because they are incapacitated.

RCMP says in a release GHB in liquid form is tasteless, odourless, and colourless, while also being thicker than water. This makes it so the drug can be slipped into a drink without notice. GHB sold on the streets or over the internet is made illegally, making it so the formulation of the drug can vary with some having higher toxicity than others.

RCMP are advising residents to call 911 if they or someone they know is experiencing drug overdose symptoms. They are also asking residents to contact Grande Prairie RCMP or Crime Stoppers if they find any suspicious substances and to avoid street drugs believed to be GHB.

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